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Today I am sharing the Middele Eastern most popular sweet kunafah/كنافة‎‎ kunāfah/künefe

  • 0:00 : Introduction/Akkawi Cheese
  • 1:04 : Preparing Cottage Cheese
  • 3:21 : Sugar Syrup
  • 4:19 : Kunafa Dough/Vermicelli
  • 5:28 : Kunafa Dough and Cheese decoration technique for baking
  • 7:36 : After Baking final step

The Middle Eastern cheese pastry kunafah is soaked in a sweet, sugar-based syrup. It is known by different name like as Kanafah (Arabic: كنافة‎‎ kunāfah, Turkish: künefe, Azerbaijani: ریشته ختایی riştə xətayi, Greek: κανταΐφι kadaïfi/kataïfi, Hebrew: כנאפה‎‎ knafeh), The pastry is heated in butter, margarine, palm oil, or Ghee before being covered with a soft white cheese like mozzarella or akkawi. During the last few minutes of cooking, a thick syrup (made of sugar, water, and a few drops of rose water and lemon juice) is poured over the pastry. Crushed pistachios are sprinkled on top as a garnish. In middle east , used to eat with vanilla ice cream .

  • Akkawi Cheese: Ready made brought from Lulu Hypermarket, AL Hasa
  • Kunafa Dough: Ready made brought from Lulu Hypermarket, AL Hasa